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Wonderland Exhibition

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I'm currently exhibiting in a group show titled Wonderland, a collective presentation of work by four Solent based contemporary artists myself (Tony Spencer), Terence Noble, Julien Masson and David Mcdiarmid, who are responding to the theme of nature.

Date: Sat 11th January - Sat 22nd February 2020.

Venue: Gallery space, Eastleigh Museum, 25 High St, Eastleigh SO50 5LF

Opening times are Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm and Sat 10am - 2pm

The title Wonderland refers to to Lewis Carol's  timeless classic Alice in Wonderland. Carol's inspiration for the book came from Alice Pleasance Liddell (1852 – 1934), a little girl who lived for most of her life in and around Lyndhurst in the New Forest.

The work I am presenting is titled 'Dawn Chorus', an extract of located bird sounds I recorded at day break without the acoustic interruption from road traffic and other sounds generated from our urban environment. An interesting fact I was told is that we lose or naturally filter out 50% of our hearing by the age of 5 years and a further 8% at around the age of 20 years, otherwise the world would just be too loud! 'Dawn Chorus' is installed within a sculptural form of a Dodecahedron, one of the five platonic solids that make up the building blocks of nature. It is presented with reference to a bird box, and the sounds are triggered when a person moves in the room.

I would like to thank Terence Noble for the opportunity to exhibit, Eastleigh Museum and Hampshire Cultural Trust for their support.

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