The Cube

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The Cube a sculptural sound installation based on the form of a platonic solid metaphysically associated with the element Earth. Inside is a darkness, which can be physically entered through a small door, creating the experience of a spiritual transition into stillness. Light connects a person within to the outside world through glass beads imbedded into the work in patterns of sacred geometry. A viewer approaching or entering the work experiences the sound of Himalayan singing bowls, which vibrates the sculptural form at sound frequencies mathematical related to its geometry. The sound is therapeutic and intended to create a feeling of wellbeing.

The Cube was exhibited as an artist commission for Bournemouth Emerging Artist Festival (BEAF2019). During which Spencer performed Metaphysical Sounds: Acts 1-5, playing Himalayan singing bowls from inside the closed Cube, inviting audiences to engage with the sound through listening and placing their hands on the sculpture’s surface.

Materials: Reclaimed pallet wood, Black 2.0 paint, glass beads, acoustic sound

© Tony Spencer 2019


Photography – Tony Spencer and Joss Lopez

Commissioned by BEAF2019

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