The Cube, a sculpture based on the first platonic solid and sacred geometry, created to stimulate our sensory perceptions. In many ancient beliefs the Cube is connected to the element of Earth, representing nature and universal balance. In Sanskrit this is evident in the bass chakra, with a sacred mantra or seed sound pronounced 'Lang'.

Cube was commissioned for Bournemouth Emerging Artist Festival (BEAF2019), and presented in an exhibition titled ACTS, with artist Laura Eldret. During the show audiences were encouraged to enter the Cube and experience the effects of the interior space, whilst listening to recorded sounds of Himalayan singing bowls through a concealed speakers. The sound frequencies of the bowls corresponded to the measurement of the sculpture creating significant vibrations, with the intention of the sounds benefiting the audience and participants wellbeing.

The show also included Metaphysical Sounds: Acts 1-5, a series of live performances where Spencer played three Himalayan singing bowls from inside the closed Cube. During his performance Spencer, a qualified Sound Therapist inviting audiences to engage with the sound through listening and placing their hands on the vibrating Cube.

Materials: Reclaimed pallet wood, Black 2.0 paint, glass marbles, caster-wheels, mp3 player, speakers, Himalayan Bowls

© Tony Spencer


Photography - Tony Spencer and Joss Lopez