space in space is a spherical space carved out of a 3-meter high abandoned termite mound located by the banks of the River Gambia. The space was rendered with the excavated dirt (including termite secretion), water from the River Gambia and the powder of local boiled and discarded oyster shells (from oysters harvested by local women) mixed with organic indigo dye.

The project was part of 360 Degrees Sculpture 2014, a one week international visual arts residential located by the River Gambia; co-produced by Tony Spencer and Tina Pringle-Hamilton, Directors of Furry Fruits Visual Arts.

The residential invited artists including Vanley Burke, to respond to the natural environment and produce new work in co-production with local Gambians using site specific materials and traditional methods.

"The termite mound was incredible, part of it had collapsed to reveal a separate honeycomb chamber inside the  earth. Digging it out with hand tools was physical; the opening was south facing and the sun was around 35 degrees for most of the day. However, I could have worked on the project for another two days more. I would have added more indigo and really polish the inside, so the darkness revealed shell shingles, echoing an incredible and ink black African sky.  But the challenge for the project was to complete in five days and present to local villages, artists and guests from the Ministry of Arts and Culture".

© Tony Spencer