Please Note: During the Covid 19 Lockdown, I am offering a weekly Virtual Sound Bath Meditations via zoom. For further details please visit my Sound Bath Meditations page below.

Sound Therapy is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to a person which works on the principle that every organ, endocrine gland and cell in the body has its own resonant frequency where it works optimally.

In a sound therapy session therapeutic sounds are used to assist the organs, glands and cells to bringing them back into natural optimal health. Sound Therapy also rebalances the chakras and subtle energy around the body.

The benefits of listening to and absorbing therapeutic sound frequencies into the body may include: deeper relaxation, emotional stress release, renewal of energy, better circulation, release of toxins from cell tissues and strengthening of the immune system.

Each person would have a different experience depending on what is needed and what they are experiencing in life at the time of the session.

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