Traumatic events in life come in many different forms creating a psychological, emotional, and spiritual/energetic injury.

Like all significant injuries, in order to heal, it requires time, cleansing, appropriate support, and sometimes professional intervention.

Shamanic Healing treatments work on a soul/spirit level to improve a persons physical and emotional energy, creating a space for a person to restore their balance and wholeness.

The principles that I work with in Shamanic Healing were taught to me by Simon Heather, founder of the College of Sound Healing.

Treatments I offer include: Assemblage Point Realignment, Balancing with Percussion, Intrusion Release, Soul Energy Release, Power Animal Retrieval and Soul Retrieval.

A one hour session starts with a consultation and diagnostic and continues with the most appropriate treatment which may release negative energy or restore positive energy (A minimum of two treatments are recommended).

Treatments take place at my private address in Eastleigh, Hampshire.

The cost of a one hour session is £35. To book a private session email me at: or call me on 07517 729034