Sermon – On the Seventh Beatitude

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Sermon – On the seventh beatitude a reconstructed pulpit normally associated with the performance of a philosophical or theological presentation, is used on this occasion as a platform. It invites the audience to individually ascend the spiral stairs and stand in view overlooking the gallery space. At the top there is a set of headphones, so the participant can listen to an intimate recording of the artist reading an accompanying monologue Sermon on the seventh beatitude.

In the work Spencer explores the function of art as a conduit for initiation, to self-reflect and contemplate the psyche. The pulpit is designed as a ritual to lead the participant on a path of ascent to the audio recording. Through this monologue Spencer examines a surrender attachment to ego and soul identification and the illusion of separate self.

The audio text was inspired by Author Robert Holden and his insight into personalities through the Enneagram. Also, a Satsangh (philosophical discussion) hosted by Sri Anish.

The work was exhibited at the exhibition # Flaunt It 2, The Arches, Southampton (Nov 2019), a co-curated exhibition by studio residents Tony Spencer and Peter McGinnis, with guest artist Jilly Evans.

Materials: Reclaimed pallet-wood, black mat paint, audio recording, headphones.

© Tony Spencer 2019

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