Nothing ‘is’ Immediate

Contemporary Art, Installation, Sculpture, Sound
About This Project


Nothing ‘is’ Immediate explores our multi-sensory engagement, with geo­met­ric sculp­tur­e, the five elements and therapeutic sound frequencies. The project spans five exhibitions over four Galleries within a 30 mile radius. Presenting new work by five collaberating artists: Tony Spencer, Kate Street, Maija Liepins, Christine Dodd and Terence Noble.


The first exhibition at Artspace Portsmouth November 2020, presented a collaboration between Tony Spencer and Kate Street, that explores the relationship between the elements of Fire and Water. Responding to the tangible and sacred geometric aspects of these elements, the artists devised a synergetic installation, which was activated by the movement of the viewer within the space. The works also functioned as a platform for a series of streamed therapeutic sound baths that invited online viewers to engage through sensorial visual and audio elements.


Materials: discarded pallet-wood, mirrored perspex, flock, electronics, acoustic sound


© Tony Spencer 2021



Supported by public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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