Life Loves You

About This Project


Life Loves You is a geometric sound sculpture incorporating five stacked Octahedrons, the fourth platonic solids that represents the element air.


Life Loves You was premiered at the Nothing ‘is’ Immediate exhibition at SpudWORKS, Sway in July 2021. The exhibition presented a collaboration between Tony Spencer and Terence Noble. The artists invited visitors into a space of multi-sensory exploration to contemplate the abstract forms of nature.


Spencer presented three sound sculptures at the exhibition, that explored the viewers connection to the tangible and sacred geometric aspects of the elements Water, Fire and Air. Presented as multi sensory objects, each sculpture incorporated the sounds of Himalayan Singing Bowls, activated by the movement of the viewer within the gallery space.


Terence Noble’s “Placebo Paintings” complimented the sculptures by drawing upon colours and rhythms found in nature. Sunrises and tree growth rings combine and emanate from a perfect circle. Meditatively laid down in small dots, the paintings provide the viewer with a similarly contemplative and affirming experience.


Life Loves You was also exhibited together with Nothing Would Disturb Me, at the Nothing ‘is’ Immediate exhibition Chapel Arts Studios (CAS) in September 2021. The exhibition was co-curated by artists Tony Spencer, Maija Liepins, Christine Dodd and CAS Curator Susan Francis.


Materials: discarded pallet-wood, mirrored perspex, blackest paint, flock, electronics, acoustic sound


© Tony Spencer 2021



Supported by public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


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