Flesh and Blood

Contemporary Art, Installation, Sculpture, Sound
About This Project


Flesh and Blood a kneeler reconstructed from reclaimed pallet wood, invites the audience to perform the ritual act of kneeling. From this position the participant faces a mirror placed on the wall, confronting their own reflection and words of affirmation burnt in reverse into the kneeler.


In the work I explore symbolism and the transformation of objects into sacred. The affirmations and mirror are presented to the viewer to direct them to Self, thus using art as a function of dissenting from social constructs towards the possibility of an existential return to Self.


Text Panel: “The world is a state of mind where we have an ego, a story etc. However, we have to know who we are? In my work ‘Flesh and Blood’ I invite you to contemplate your emotional presence and natural wisdom, by engaging with a sculpture which creates friction between a spiritual act and an existential return to self.”


Inspired by Author Robert Holden, who posed the question “what would it be like not to judge yourself?”


Exhibited as part of a group show by CAS associate artists titled Let Us Dissent at Spudworks Gallery, Hampshire (Sep 2019).

Material: reclaimed wooden pallets, mirror, fabric and pyrography

© Tony Spencer 2019

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