Dawn Chorus

Contemporary Art, Installation, Sculpture, Sound
About This Project


Dawn Chorus an extract of located bird sounds recorded on a residency titled: murmuration # 1, Glenshee, Scotland. The location and time of the recording offers an experience of natural sounds uninterrupted by urban sounds, such as road traffic.


The work was presented as an interactive sound installation encased within the form of a Dodecahedron. The bird sounds, which emanate from the work are triggered by audience movement within the space. The geometric form of the bird box represents an idealist utopia, a futuristic or indoor present-day electronic version of what nature sounds like.


Through the work I am investigating the positive effects that sounds have on a persons wellbeing, including neurodivergent audiences, who are more sensitive to sounds.


Materials: reclaimed plywood, electronics, located sound

© Tony Spencer 2020

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