All Are Related

About This Project


Reflecting the world view of interconnectedness…


The fifth sculptural sound-installation as part of the: Nothing ‘is’ Immediate project, presents a series of bird boxes in the form of a dodecahedron.


The work is a reaction to Lockdown 2021. With the dramatic decrease in road and air traffic noise, there was a noticeable rise in volume of birdsong in our gardens and parks. Reports  suggested that the sound and sighting of birds across the UK were having positive effects on our mental health and the ability to manage the long period of Lockdown.


In addition, the loss of hedgerow trees, changes to woodland management and the increasing urbanisation have contributed to a decline in available natural sites for nesting species like Blue Tits.


Project installed within the green spaces and gardens outside of Nothing ‘is’ Immediate partnering galleries, including: spudWORKS, Chapel Arts Studios and Sandham Memorial Chapel.


Materials: discarded pallet-wood, stainless steal

© Tony Spencer 2021



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