Nothing Would Disturb Me a sculptural sound-installation which responds to a commissioned mural by Stanley Spencer (1891-1959) at Sandham Memorial Chapel, painted by the artist to commemorate the 'forgotten dead' of the First World War.

The sculptural form of the work is a geometric Icosahedron, a shape metaphysically associated with the element water, relating to its properties of regeneration, cleansing and healing. Stanley Spencer nicknamed the Chapel The God Box and like the Chapel, within the sculpture there is a contemplative space where the viewer will not be disturbed. A mysterious other world with reflective mirrored surfaces, symbols of purification and hidden wisdom. As the viewer approaches the work their movement trigger's the sound of Himalayan singing bowls, that vibrate the sculptural form at the frequencies mathematical related to sacred geometry. The sound is therapeutic and intended to create a feeling of wellbeing.

Materials: discarded pallet-wood, mirrored perspex, electronics, acoustic sound

© Tony Spencer 2020