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Let Us Dissent a CAS Associate Artist Show

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As an artist who works within a socially engaged practice I really value being a member of CAS Associate Artists. I joined in 2019 and am thrilled to be taking part in my first group show Let Us Dissent an exhibition co-curated at spudWORKS, Sway.

For the show I created new work titled Flesh and Blood, presenting an artist statement describing the work as follows:

"The world is a state of mind where we have an ego, a story etc. However, we have to know who we are? In my work 'Flesh and Blood' I invite you to contemplate your emotional presence and natural wisdom, by engaging with a sculpture which creates friction between a spiritual act and an existential return to self."

The work is inspired by Robert Holden and Louise Hay, founder and author of Hay House, presenting notions of positive psychology. Drawing on their wisdom I used the method of pyrography to burn words into the wooden surface of a kneeling stool I made from disused wooden pallets. The words are presented backwards, and the only way to clearly read them is to kneel upon the stool and look into the mirror in front of you. This enables the viewer to look at themselves within the mirror and engage with mirror work, which Louise Hay describes as:

"Mirror work is the most effective method I’ve found for learning to love yourself and see the world as a safe and loving place."

So for me the notion of Dissent is to provide a space for people to take a moment away from the external issues in the World and journey within to confront a reflection of their true loving self and start with the deeper questions, such as "Who you really are?"

The exhibition Let Us Dissent is on at the wonderful SPUDworks exhibition space from 2nd to 17th September 2019.

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