Artist Statement

"The world is a state of mind where we have an ego, a story etc. However, we have to know who we are? In my work 'Flesh and Blood' I invite you to contemplate your emotional presence and natural wisdom, by engaging with a sculpture which creates friction between a spiritual act and an existential return to self."

Flesh and Blood a kneeler reconstructed from reclaimed pallet wood, invites the audience to perform the act of kneeling in front of a mirror. From this position the participant confronts their own reflection and words of affirmation burnt in reverse into the wooden frame of the stool. The work was created to explores concepts of self-awareness, as a form of dissenting from social constructs of ego.

To research the work in 2019 the artist undertook a personal journey of authentic self-discovery, confronting competition, insecurity, success and failure, to pose the question to the artists peers "what would it be like not to judge yourself?"

The work was inspired by author Robert Holden and the late Louise Hay author and founder of Hay House. Louise Hay wrote: “I know that mirror work can be very confronting at first. It reveals your most basic fear and your most terrible self-judgments. But if you keep looking in the mirror, you will begin to see through those judgments and see who you really are.

Flesh and Blood was exhibited as part of a group show by CAS associate artists titled Let Us Dissent at Spudworks Gallery, Hampshire (Sep 2019).

Material: reclaimed wooden pallets, mirror, fabric and pyrography

© Tony Spencer