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Hi, Maija here. I had one of those amazing mornings where everything was in flow. Emotions flowed into insight, insight flowed into conversation, conversation flowed into inspiration. I spent the morning drawing and sketching my ideas about four of the elements which turned into an infinity symbol. Imagine my surprise when I opened Instagram 30min later and found Christine is exploring related ideas. Well, that’s good then! We’re collaborating via the ether!

My sketches related to the directions and relationships between different energies and processes within the body, and I begun to wonder if the reason my directions are different to everyone else is not that I was born in the southern hemisphere but because I am looking from inside my body not from outside it. (Like when you say draw a letter on your forehead and some people draw it in the reverse when compared to what other people draw).

Thinking in Diagrams (Maija's Notebook)
WON/NOW from Christine's Notebook

Next up, I will be delving a bit deeper into the elements of air and water which Christine and I are focusing on in response to Tony’s icosohedron and dodecahedron sculptures.

That’s right! More geometric sculptures are on their way! Check out Tony’s posts on Instagram or our combined activity on the project feed for impressions of work in progress.


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Emergence; water

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Christine Dodd (left) and Maija Liepins (right), Photograph by Kate Street, at The Arches, Southampton 2020

Tonight, Christine Dodd and I are at Sandham Memorial Chapel responding with embodied sound and movement to Tony’s Icosahedron. This will be part of a public sound performance with Tony Spencer and Samantha Britton at the preview of Saturated Space, an exhibition which is on show 11 – 29 March.

As photography is not permitted inside the chapel housing Stanley Spencer’s paintings, we are lucky to have these photographs taken at The Arches by artist Kate Street in February. As each of Tony’s sound sculptures are completed, we have the privilege of gathering for an artist collaboration session that will culminate in a public performance at the following exhibition. First up, the Icosahedron makes its debut as part of ‘Saturated Space’

‘Nothing Will Disturb Me’ Tony Spencer has created a sound-installation which responds to the Chapel’s function as a place for experiencing healing. The form of his sculpture, a geometric Icosahedron, is made from reclaimed pallet wood. Within the work there is a contemplative space where the viewer will not be disturbed. Visit Sandham Memorial Chapel to see it this March.


Improvised response, photography by Kate Street

As each artist responds to Tony’s artworks, they will collectively journey through the elements which correspond with the five platonic solids. You can follow our process on this blog throughout 2020.

Maija Liepins
Instagram: @maijaliepins

Christine Dodd
Instagram: @christinedoddartist

Kate Street
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This blog was written by Maija Liepins for #NothingIsImmediate