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ACTS at BEAF (Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe) 2019

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I am delighted to announce that I have been awarded a commission to exhibit at BEAF (Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe) Festival 2019. I will be presenting new work titled The Cube, presenting an exhibition titled ACTS in collaboration with artist Laura Eldret, Our combined exhibition considered ideas of sensory perception, ritualistic acts and feelings of 'wellness'. The Cube, will be an experimental enquiry to see if a space within a sculptural geometric cube combined with therapeutic sounds could have a positive effect on the participating publics emotional wellbeing.

The Cube is a sculptural installation crafted from reclaimed wooden pallets and presenting an ultra-black internal space. The interior is accessible and incorporates natural light through inserted glass balls and sound designed to stimulate our sensory perceptions.

During the festival, as a qualified Sound Therapist I will be inviting audiences to participate whilst I enter the Cube and perform Metaphysical live Acts with sound which vibrates the Cube at frequencies encouraging wellbeing. There will also be an opportunity for viewers to participate themselves by entering the Cube and receive therapeutic sound whilst inside.

Laura Eldret will present new work titled Binder an enquiry into the haptic qualities of a library as a place for communal gathering, Binder explores books as a common sensory object. Libraries have political value beyond the content of books. Reading is known to have a myriad of mental health benefits (reducing stress and depression), and even making us more confident and empathetic. Binder abstracts the visceral characteristics of the book and customary acts of reading, bringing into question the potential for books to be an elixir for community and wellbeing.

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