My art practice currently explores the relationship between sound, sculpture and installation, investigating the function of art through wellbeing and sacredness. This includes constructing geometric installations from reconditioned wooden pallets, creating vessels to contain therapeutic sound frequencies. I am interested in how the mechanics of sound propagates and penetrates matter through friction, vibrating at a related resonance to sculptural geometry. I am researching how this in turn can improve the health of a person who engages with the work. This project has been inspired by a deep period of research into sound, where I have trained for the past three years as a Sound Therapist with the College of Sound Healing.

Live-art and participatory rituals are incorporated within my practice to traverse the material properties into metaphysical concepts and spirituality. My perceptions of this was influenced by a two year self-directed international residency in Kartong, The Gambia, where I performed as a tradition village Djembe (drum) player, exploring a physical, emotional and spiritual connection to rhythmic vibration. Whilst there, I participated in animistic rituals at sacred sites, performed by village elders who use their voice to chant and offer blessings, connecting participants to their higher intentions through an intimate relationship with the natural world.

I am also undertaking a personal journey of self-discovery to understand feelings of competition, insecurity, success and failure, with the view to possitivly frame what success feels like as an artist. My grounding for this research is currently author Robert Holden and his book and programme titled Authentic Success and discussions by Sri Anish founder of Sadho Sangha.

Based at the Arches Studios, Southampton:

An Associate Artist at Chapel Arts Studios:

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