The Cube, a sculpture crafted from reclaimed wooden pallets - has an ultra-black 2.0 internal space, and is inset with glass marbles, designed to stimulate our sensory perceptions. The sculptural form is based on sacred geometry, which in many ancient beliefs is connected to the element of Earth, to nature and universal balance. In the Sanskrit mantra, this connection also relates to our base chakra, with a seed sound of 'Lang'.

The work was presented in a two-person exhibition with artist Laura Eldret, titled 'ACTS'; commissioned for the Bournemouth Emerging Artist Fringe Festival (BEAF2019).

The show included Metaphysical Sounds: Acts 1-5, a series of performances, where Spencer played three Himalayan singing bowls whilst locked inside The Cube. During his performance Spencer, a qualified sound therapist inviting audiences to engage with the sound and kinaesthetic vibration of the sculpture, with the intention of the sounds benefiting their wellbeing.

© Tony Spencer


Photography - Tony Spencer and Joss Lopez