Sermon – On the seventh beatitude

  1. Upon this pulpit I’m here to be seen. Yet my real challenge now in life is to lose my self-image. For this world in front of me is just my story of the world. How can I be most effective in this world which lives within me?
  2. How can I have the courage to identify the limits placed on me by people, by society and not let that define me? Whose rules am I living my life for?
  3. What if I’m here not to get life right? What if I’m here not to fix the world, but to do what I feel is the most authentic and fun! Enthusiastic without action.
  4. My soul does not remember being small and weak, not having limitations. The freedom I’m fighting for is already mine.
  5. Peace is not a state of mind it’s a way of being. It’s not the absence of conflict, it’s the power of peace within that helps me get through life.
  6. From above I stand apart from the world and see it for what it is. To listen to my own independence rather than the tribe. To play big. To let the big plan flow through me.
  7. What does my heart want me to know today? My being is the knowledge of creation and I trust that life has everything I need.
  8. Whose breathing in me? Can the seed of my breath create the whole Earth as a green forest?
  9. Can I empower the people in this room to be their true self? For today I see them as family. Our success isn’t about objectives and results, it’s about creating a culture of individuals.
  10. The biggest challenge we all face together is “not taking life too seriously”. To reclaim the power of our collective consciousness. To treat each other as guru’s (teachers) and let the divine live through us.

The above text is a transcript of the recorded work which was presented on headphones.

Sermon – On the seventh beatitude a reconstructed pulpit normally associated with the performance of a philosophical presentation, is used on this occasion as a platform which invites the audience to individually ascend the spiral stairs and stand in view, taking in a different perspective of the space. At the top of the platform there is a set of headphones inviting the participant to listen to the artist reading a recording of Sermon – On the seventh beatitude (as above). Through the work the artist explores concepts of self-awareness, presented for intimacy, to connect to the listener at a subconscious level.

The work was exhibited at the exhibition # Flaunt It, The Arches, Southampton (Nov 2019), a co-curated exhibition by studio residents Tony Spencer and Peter McGinnis, with guest artist Jilly Evans.

The work was inspired by Author Robert Holden and Sri Anish founder of Sadho Sangha.

Materials: Reclaimed pallet-wood, black mat paint, audio recording and headphones.

© Tony Spencer