‘CuBe’ is a project in-which I am investigating ways to explore sensory perceptions through the actions of constructed public ritual. The focus of these group actions will be encapsulated within its construct, based around sacred geometry and the healing properties of sound. The cube is recognised as the first platonic solid, and connected to the Earth and in Sanskrit and sound healing it is connected to our bass chakra.

The outside form of CuBe was constructed during a full-moon at the Arches Studios, Southampton in the Winter of 2018. It is from the Arches where it will start it's journey, inviting people to gather together for a series of transformative, animist becomings. The non-conscious will become conscious when CuBe connects to the human soul and wild mind.

"CuBe will undergo its final transformations in 2019, when I will confirm and announce the details of where people can engage with the project via my website and social media.

© Tony Spencer