Cube, a sculpture crafted from reclaimed wooden pallets has an ultra-black 2.0 internal space, designed to stimulate our sensory perceptions. The sculptural form is based on sacred geometry, which connects to the element of Earth, to nature and universal balance. In the Sanskrit mantra it is also connected to the element Earth and our base chakra, with a seed sound of 'Lang'.

The work will be presented through a participatory event, inviting a person to enter inside the space and a group audience to participate in vocal sound healing, directing their intentions towards the person enveloped within, for improving their wellbeing.

"CuBe was conceived on a November full-moon and will undergo its final transformations during the Spring Equinox 2019.

Please look out for further information, as I am about to announce the details of where people can engage with the project via my website and social media.

© Tony Spencer