Tony Spencer is a visual artist and curator who's practice explores the relationship between metaphysical sound and sculptural installation.

Spencer, a qualified sound therapist and shamanic practitioner, investigates sounds which have the ability to transform a space and elements of our consciousness. His sculptures are vessels created to contain sound within their geometry. Through performing rituals within nature he gives the objects power and material agency. The work is presented for public engagement with the intention of creating a transformative and curative experience.

Spencer spent two years on a self-directed international residency in Kartong Village, The Gambia, where he supported the local arts ecology and performed as a tradition village Djembe player. Whilst there, he undertook an ongoing investigation into intangible animistic rituals, which are used by village elders to give blessings to people, for their wellbeing.

Collaborating with other artists, connecting artists across an international platform and social engagement are integral to Spencer’s practice.

Based at the Arches Studios, Southampton:

An Associate Artist at Chapel Arts Studios:

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