Working from the Arches Studios, Southampton, I make installations based on sacred geometry; following mathematical measurements which connect me to science, nature and universal balance. The work is site specific, and as I become more conscious of the Earth, I feel it is more authentic to produce from recycled and/or natural materials.

Once created I transport the work to a specific sacred site in Hampshire, where I perform an unconventional artistic ritual. This can only take place within a natural Earth Cycle, such as on the night of a full-moon. It follows a belief in modern animism, I am interested in connecting to invisible energies and manifesting frequencies between me, the material and the site. I may use ancestral hand tools within the ritual, forged from steel in South Yorkshire, where I was born.

My work is exhibited by placing it in a space and creating a ritual around the public engagement. I invite people to immerse themselves within the objects, the space, the energy and co-created sounds; to interact with it and explore their own connection.

The international work I produce supports a dialogue around global cultural identities, exploring notions of traditional African and African Diaspora. It follows on from a two year self directed residency I undertook in Kartong Village, The Gambia, and creates an enquiry into the human connection to intangible energy through sound, traditional music, sacred sites, ritual and the spiritual essence of anima.

Collaborating with other artists, connecting artists across an international platform and social engagement are integral to my practice.

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